Private Equity

Vivyd operates private equity investments through Permanent capital structures, which is an investment strategy for an indefinite period of time in an underlying vehicle. The vehicle can be any form – a corporation, trust or partnership.

  • Separate accounts.
  • Value approach.
  • Bottom up research process.
  • Attractive longe term investiments.

We are a bridge between your capital and investment opportunities in privately held companies worldwide. We provide investors of all sizes a simple and liquid way to benefit from growth and from the upside potential of investing in private equity.

Characteristics of our Permanent capital business approach

Highly appropriate in areas that have the following characteristics:

Large, Addressable Markets

Opportunity to own a small part of a huge market and still be verry large.

Mispriced or MisundertoodAssets

Invest opportunistically in ideas that may not be best-suited for a fund and often offer significant upside.

Long Durantion Assets

Well-suited vehicle to hold long duration assets.